News: Adobe’s Ink And Slide Tools For The iPad


We reported on this last June when it was called Project Mighty and Napoleon and now it looks like the tools are ready to be released as Tech Crunch has a demo with it.

From the site:

Today Adobe unveiled the Ink and Slide, its first foray into the realm of hardware gadgets. The company describes the pair of gadgets as a “Creative Cloud Pen and Digital Ruler.” Basically, it’s a smart stylus that syncs with your iPad over Bluetooth and offers some nifty features when used together with Adobe Line, a new app available today for the iPad.

The Slide tool looks pointless to me but the Ink stylus is promising. It remains to be seen if it will support palm rejection, in other words not register that your palm is hitting the screen as you rest it to draw. Currently doing so invokes the zoom function ass well as registers the pen tool which creates all sorts of havoc when you’re trying to sketch. If it doesn’t support palm rejection it’s useless as far as I’m concerned and clearly shows that despite developers attempting to cater to artists, they’re not at all clear on how we work. No one wants to hover their hand above the screen for a long period of time and you’ll never be able to use the iPad for a serious work tool until they implement this feature.

You can read the full article on Tech Crunch as well as see a video demo here.

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