News: Adobe XD’s Project Mighty and Napoleon

Abobe has been working hard on some very interesting tech of late, namely Project Mighty and Naploeon. The former is a pressure-sensitive stylus, while the latter is a ruler for drafting (aptly named because it is a ‘short ruler’!) and it marks the first time the company has become involved with hardware. Both devices tap into Adobe Cloud as well, which is an interesting way to force subscriptions.

The pen looks pretty interesting and seems to work on any tablet, similar to other styli on the market. It does not look like it has palm rejection but it seems to have an interface that comes along with it allowing you to cut, paste and undo etc. From what I can tell it also will work with tablets that are not touch which is a VERY interesting development. I can not tell what tablet they are using from the video (it looks like Android) but they do mention iOS.

What does this all mean for us artists? Well, for one it seems that Adobe is actually listening to us and with Wacom’s announced foray into this same arena it might be only a matter of time before we see these big companies catering to us for once!

You can read more here on at the source link.

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