Promote Yourself: Luis Cadavid, RIDE WITH ME

RIDE WITH ME narrates that race that we all have been through many times in life.  Roads that are steep, narrow, and full of OBSTACLES.  The goal begins with our dreams, the biggest CHALLENGE lays in our HEARTS.  In a way, Henri represents our goal in attempting to create this short film. We have been working on this short film for 5 years.  It started as an idea for a reel and gradually developed into this beautiful story and art.  It has become our passion, working on it on our free time and weekends, at odd hours of the night.
Ride With Me is the story of Henri, a small ten year old boy who lives with his grandmother, crazy grandfather, and twin siblings. His grandfather is in a wheelchair and rolls around the house thinking he is at war and shoots at the enemy with toy guns.  In an attempt to help his family, Henri partakes in the most challenging race, Le Tour De France!  As always, there is a daring antagonist who will be bigger and faster than our underdog, in this story, it is Jacques.  He is the rich boy in town who doesn’t need to win the race, but he will be the boy to beat.


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