News: Eight Creativity Lessons From a Pixar Animator


Lifehacker has a great story about a tour of Pixar studios from Bernhard Haux where he gives some pretty valuable lessons about reaching your goals. From the site:

Bernhard Haux is a “character technical director,” which in his case means he models characters and works on their internal motions (I think—I didn’t fully grasp the lingo). It means he is just a small piece in the larger Pixar machine, but a piece that’s aware of what everyone else is doing too. He’s worked on major movies such as Up, Brave, Monsters U, and others in the last six years. Bernhard was gracious enough to show us around the Pixar campus, and while we couldn’t really dig into their super-secret process, we did get a few glimpses of the magic.P

And as a result of these small glimpses, I learned some surprising things. I’d like to share them here, in hopes that they’ll inspire others as they inspired me.

You can read the entire story here.

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