Jobs: Sr. Storyboard Artist

Sr. Story Board Artist wanted

The Sr. Storyboard Artist works with the head of Story and the film’s director to work out complex staging, acting and action sequences.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Possesses the ability to take a sequence from conception to completion as directed by Director
• Able to not only interpret the Writer/Director vision, but also embellish it, furthering the theme of the movie.
• Capable of adapting to different styles of productions and handle a wide variety of sequences, from action to comedy to drama
• Is an accomplished draftsman and capable of creating images that support the needs of the sequence.
• Able to capture the scope and depth required of modern stereoscopic movies, and has the ability to express character emotion through facial expression and acting.
• Able to pitch their sequences with clarity, and have the ability to articulate their ideas through images as well as verbally.
• Well versed in cinematic terminology and able to use film language at a level that allows them to communicate clearly with the director.
• Possess a deep knowledge of cinematography and the ability to incorporate that knowledge into their story boards.
• Is supportive of the team, and understands that they have the responsibility to act as role models and promote a good work ethic in the department.
• Ensures the team is productive by answering questions that arise and providing mentoring and training
• Assists/guides Storyboard team in the execution of their assignments
• File management ” organize work/files efficiently
• Ensures the Supervisor/Directors instructions are clearly carried out by providing specific guidelines and framework for the given production.
Education and Experience Requirements
• Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, Cinematography, or related field; or equivalent professional experience
• Requires 5 years minimum experience in Feature Film and/or Commercial production with an emphasis on story
• Strong draftsmanship skills
• Ability to create broads in a variety of styles
• Proficient with Photoshop and/or equivalent program
• Ability to work in a team environment and take direction
• Ability to provide feedback to other artists
Note: This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization


You can apply for the Sr. Storyboard Artist job here.

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