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From the site:

We are seeking Lighters to join our Burbank, CA studio. Our Lighters are an integral part of the storytelling process, using their keen eye to manipulate color and light to emphasize shifts of mood both subtle and dynamic. We are looking for artists who thrive in a team environment.  This includes the ability to share ideas and also to be open to ideas within the team.


Lighters are responsible for lighting and rendering shots and compositing together the resulting character and environment renders into a final frame until it meets the vision of the Director, Art Director, Director of Look & Lighting, and Lighting Supervisors.

Lighters are expected to present shots in a dailies environment, effectively communicate issues regarding their shots, and deliver top notch work within production deadlines.

Job Requirements

  • BA in Art, Digital Media, Computer Science, related field or equivalent experience
  • Understanding of color, contrast, and lighting design
  • Notable production experience with 3D lighting and compositing
  • A strong visual sense and the ability to distinguish subtle differences that affect the matching of elements created in multiple mediums
  • Working knowledge of a node-based compositing system (i.e. Shake or Nuke) required
  • Renderman or similar experience required
  • Strong in-depth knowledge of Unix and/or Linux
  • Strong problem solving skills and a good eye required
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment, taking direction from the Director, Art Director, Director of Look & Lighting, and Lighting Sups

Visual examples of images exemplifying work in this area are requested for review.  Additionally, please include a resume and reel breakdown with your online profile.

You can find out more info here.

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