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Nickelodeon is doing another shorts program! A number of great shows have come out of ther shorts programs; Fairly Odd Parents, Fanboy and Chum Chum and Adventure Time to name a few.

According to the site:

Animated shorts must be: comedic, character driven, and have kid appeal. We look for ideas that feature an original, funny lead character – with about 2 or 3 characters in total. Be prepared to show either through designs, thumbnail storyboards or script, how funny and unique your characters are.

You can read more about the Nickelodeon Shorts program at the link below.

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  1. Concept Treatment
    T I T L E : Johnny and his amazing skateboard
    It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in lower Manhattan , when Mr. Steward decided to
    Pick up his son early from school . Them Mr. Steward told young Johnny son your mom
    Won’t be able to take care of you this afternoon that’s why you are coming with me at
    My job now please be responsible , pay attention to the signs and don’t touch anything
    Are we clear on that, Yes sir.

    Johnny wonder why his father is so strict about not touching anything at his work since
    there is nothing there but a huge Junked Yard full of Old cars , trucks and now old air-
    planes and salvage garbage used for recycling. And for what it looks it used to be a one
    block plant now is 5 blocks and it keep expanding every year.

    When Johnny saw the old junk yard, he was amazed at the variety of different cars and
    trucks that were being demolish for recycling, but what really got his attention was the
    Huge machines his dad and friend were operating , them as soon as his dad took a break
    Johnny asked him if could play on the back of the junk yard & his dad said ok as long you
    don’t touch or mess up anything. Them after running around trough out the whole –
    junk yard Johnny stumble upon a strange metallic object that looks like a space ship

    Them Johnny looking around said, my dad told me not to talk to strangers, but you are
    really strange Mr. call me Flash the space vehicle answer , because from this day on
    You and I will be destine to save the world and fly in the sky at great speed, but only if
    You could place that other piece of metal on my cybernetic sensor I will be like new
    again and at your service my friend.

    Wow Mr. Flash you must be Japanese airship them suddenly the mysterious object
    transform into a what looks like a robot . and them a deep voice answer no I am not
    Japanese or Korean I am from another Galaxy far away from your home planet, but
    I am here because I was attack by Space Pirates who try to steal the Timetrix a device
    That I carry in my chest that can open up a time travel portal from my world and yours
    But don’t worry the space pirates are stuck on sector x a planet 300 light years from
    here and I am sure they would not bother to come to a planet with such primitive tech-
    nology and resources.

    Ok! that means we could have plenty of time to go play around and have fun . forget
    About the space pirates, cybernetic mercenaries , we have something similar here in
    Our neighborhood they are called gangsters . well not exactly my young friend . forget
    About those guys , and show me how to fly how to use your laser devices. Alright that
    Would call for a time of training ok let’s train. Them immediately Flash transform into
    Space craft. Them Johnny got on and ask him can you turn into a machine gun and them
    He answer I can turn into anything except for liquids and explosives. Them he took him
    To the moon in 30 second wow that’s a lot faster than any of our rockets could fly.
    Them they flew back to planet Earth in a flash and appear under Baltic sea and back at
    Home in 45 minutes. Johnny was amazed by what his cosmic friend could do.

    Them Flash asked Johnny hey what about those guys you mention the ones you called
    gangster are they dangerous? Do they cybernetic guns or similar space ships like
    the ones I used to fight out in space. Them Johnny almost laughing said ah! Those bad
    guys are dangerous alright! but they don’t have any cybernetic weapon or any inter-
    planetary spaceship like your enemies you have fought in your galaxy, but they do have
    guns, knives, drugs and they will sometimes bully young kids like myself.

    Johnny angrily said I lost a cousin two years ago because of bullying people & gangsters
    Who think is funny push around others kids or take their lunch because they can’t fight
    back those who are taller or stronger than they are. them tears come out Johnny’s eyes
    as he continue to tell his experiences about his cousin Tony, them his friend Gisselle & Eddie came over to him, Gisselle said to Johnny hi! Johnny I like your skateboard them
    Eddie said yeah dude that’s a cool skateboard where did you buy it.

    Suddenly out no where the skateboard turn into a robot again and ask Johnny are these
    Gangster too? And Johnny said oh no my good friend these two are my best friend
    Gisselle and Eddie , Flash say hi to them. Them Eddie all scare started yelling run, run
    The Aliens are body snatching my friends , Johnny told Eddie relax my friend this is just
    My new friend from out space Flash. He is here to show me how to fight crime in a new
    Way and how to skate with style my friend.

    Them Flash turn back into a skateboard as he saw more kids approaching Johnny them
    He said to Gisselle and Eddie now you two know how to keep a secret don’t tell anybody
    About this . suddenly a big tall kid came out no where and started bullying Johnny I want
    Your skate board. You can have it if you beat me racing against me. The big kid name
    Spike said please Johnny what are going to do take your Asthma inhaler and beat me –
    Come on wining is only for the big and the strong not for tiny fly like you. Johnny them
    Said we will see about that big head.

    Them Spike started running with his skateboard , and started jumping over some
    Obstacles , them quickly Johnny grabbed his Skate board and started running right
    After Spike and immediately he catch up with him and started doing some amazing
    Flips in the air that Spike said wow could not do that even if I spend a whole summer
    Learning how to do a flip like he did . them seem that he was getting beat by tiny rival
    Spike said I rather quit now than to be humiliated by this guy, them Spike took off with
    His skate board some other place. Suddenly Gisselle yell with a loud voice my hero and
    Hugged Johnny and gaved a kiss to Flash as he transformed himself into a robot again.

    On the way home, Flash was telling everybody that he was glad to be their friend and
    that he wanted to learn more about them and that one day he would take them to for
    ride at his home in the Universe, but before that he would have to train them and show
    them new skills, to learn how to compete and fight against interplanetary Pirates and
    Cybernetic mercenaries . And best of all why his destiny lead him to find Johnny a
    regular school kid from the neighborhood whose heart of a Lion is so committed to fight
    injustice through out the Universe.

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