News: Doctor Who’s back as a Saturday morning cartoon

Creative is reporting that we’re only two weeks away form the premiere of Dr. Who as an animated cartoon. I had no idea it had even been greenlit! It DOES look an awful lot like Gravity Falls but then, the creator does site it as a main influence so I guess that makes sense.

From the site:

The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who is a captivating take on the series by Seattle-based art director and newspaper cartoonist, Stephen Byrne, which takes the Doctor Who we all know and love and brilliantly reboots it as a Saturday Morning cartoon. Byrne describes it as the same as regular Doctor Who, “with the silliness amped up and the darkness dialed down”.


From the title sequence, it’s very clear it’s done in Flash and to me that takes a way from it a bit but I understand the need to keep costs down. Anyway, it’s coming but honestly from the artile I can’t figure out to where!?!?!?

Byrne spent two long weekends and a few long evenings making the video, using Photoshop, Flash and Premiere. “I haven’t done animation in a few years,” he explains, “and so it was a little self-motivated project to relearn the principles of animation and the subtleties of the software. It was also an experiment to see if I could produce something half-decent in a reasonably limited time frame.”

You can read more about the new Animated Adventures of Dr. Who by clicking the link.