Kim Narsete

What is your name and your current occupation?
Kim Narsete, Storyboard Artist.

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
Receptionist, Cosmetics Clerk, Shoe saleswoman

What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?
Hmmmm, that’s an interesting one. I really liked working on Strawberry Shortcake. She was my childhood favorite and it was honor to storyboard on the DVD. It was kind of like life coming full circle.
How did you become interested in animation?
As a kid I had always liked drawing. My Mom would give me a piece of paper and ask me to draw her something while we were at a restaurant. I guess it kept me occupped, lol. She would also take me, my brother, and sister to Walt Disney World during the summers. However, the actual inspiration to get me to study animation was Continue reading