20 free chalk, charcoal and graphite brushes By Dave Nagel

art brushes for Photoshop


I was just alerted to some free Photoshop brushes for download online.
Download them here!
Thanks Casey Bug!

From the site:

This new library of brushes for Adobe Photoshop–Nagel Series 33–offers 20 custom brushes designed to emulate four different types of “natural” media. (By the way, if you’re wondering why I always put the “natural” in quotes, it’s owing to the fact that there’s nothing particularly natural about chemically produced media–at least no more so than anything else you might work with. It’s just a useful phrase to differentiate traditional media from digital media.) The types of media emulated in this series are chalk, charcoal (including charcoal pencil), dry brushes and that most sketchy of media, the good, ol’ graphite pencil.

There are seven chalk brushes in total, designed to produce a light, soft texture with ragged edges. The charcoals have a more pronounced texture and include two thinner charcoal pencils, which build up density and thickness with pressure and tilt. There are also four “dry brushes,” which are essentially meant to mimic paint brushes with drying pigment applied to them. These will produce light and sparse regions when you’re painting, which can be useful for working on background textures. And then there are the five pencils, which are designed to resemble various graphite implements, including one that allows you to mimic a pencil on its side. All of the brushes are fully dynamic and take advantage of features found in Wacom Intuos, Cintiq and Graphire tablets, including pressure and tilt. (Graphire and some Cintiq models don’t support pen tilt.) They’re also fully customizable, so you can adjust controls and brush characteristics to suit your needs.