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Nickelodeon has premiered a brand new Nick Animation Careers website and it’s pretty cool. Straightforward and easy to navigate, this will be I imagine the spot to check what’s going on there as far as new gigs. It’s a lot easier than the old way in my opinion. It also highlights internships and how to go about applying for that, as well as a new Talent Development section where they outline the Artist program and Writing programs which many great industry people have emerged from. All in all I think it’s a great step forward for seeing what Nick has to offer to help you shape your career in animation!

Nick Animation Careers

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  1. To Nickelodeon,

    First of all ‘Happy New’

    The motive is that my CV is over 200k to up load on, and my website is under re-construction. I’m slowly working on it trying to decide what to put in or take out making changes etc.

    But If it’s any help to you – I like to offer you a summary of my demo reel it can be viewed at the following location.


    A brief note on my experience.

    I am a uniquely skilled and highly effective industry professional with 25 years worldwide experience, covering all facets of film/ television production, post production, workflow management – from award winning assignments to smaller retail productions that require ingenuity and flexibility in planning and budgeting.

    I also have broad and extensive production/post-production experience in all areas of media creation, from conceptual vision and consultancy, through to execution and visual effects.

    With extensive experience in drama, Animation / VFX television – feature films development from pitching concepts to writing full drafts. I am proficient at generating original ideas in a multitude of genres while having the script editorial experience to solve story/structural issues.

    I am able to assess submissions and give constructive coverage as well as function effectively in diverse and challenging circumstances worldwide with excellent communication skills. I can also create a coherent working environment, coordinate services and manage personnel to meet deadlines in all conditions across a spectrum of media options and delivery platforms.

    I am passionate about all forms of media and a multi-tasker who embraces rapidly changing technology. I am disciplined, calm, dedicated, innovative, tenacious and articulate.

    One of the biggest mistakes I consistently seen other producers and filmmakers make is forgetting that they are creating a piece of intellectual property, and without proper marketing, logistically sound planning and good financial sense it will just remain an expensive piece of art.

    I strive to marry that art with commerce on behalf of my investors. I create projects that they can, artistically speaking, be proud to say they’ve been a part of, and financially speaking, they can feel secure about having done so.

    It is of the utmost importance for me to continue to maintain my high level of integrity.

    I am looking to build profitable long term relationships that last. Any comments would be grateful.

    Warmest regards

    Alfred Borg

    Mob +61 (0) 412 164 898
    Fax +61 (0) 2 4285 8480
    Skype borgofsa

    • Just so you know Alfred, to apply for the job you have to click the link. This site has nothing to do with Nickelodeon or the job they are offering.

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