Mosketch by Moka Studio

Quick & Easy 3D Character Animation

Mosketchâ„¢ combines advanced sketching techniques and a powerful inverse kinematics solver to easily and quickly create 3D character animation

Unleash your creativity

With Mosketchâ„¢, you don’t need to build and master complex control rigs. You can focus on what really matters: the artistic side of animation

Animate any 3D Character

Thanks to its generic architecture, Mosketchâ„¢ can animate any 3D character using joints only. Complex control rigs are not needed anymore.

Import your 3D character (a humanoid, a dog, a tyrannosaurus, a tree, a septapus, etc) and start animating immediately using sketching, IK and FK.

Download Beta

(Animated Septapus – Courtesy of Mirouille)

Intuitive sketching

Sketch on your 3D character joints to quickly design key poses, block an animation and establish timing.

Sketch lines of action to add more dynamics and life to your 3D character animations.

Download Beta

(Animating Moska on a Wacom Cintiq 24 HD)

Powerful IK Solver

Pose your 3D character by dragging its limbs. With its unique Up- and Down-influence concepts, Mosketchâ„¢ provides quick and full control on any joint, its parent and its descendants.

In Mosketchâ„¢, you can even create, modify and delete IK chains, of any length, for any joints, at run time. This gives you more freedom to use IK, the way you want, when you want it.

Download Beta

(wall-climbing, 3D character animation using 4 IK end-effectors)


Mosketchâ„¢ forward and inverse kinematics work in parallel so you don’t need to worry about FK/IK switching: you can change seamlessly from one to the other.

Sketch the pose you want, refine it with IK, then FK, then sketch again instead of dragging numerous animation controls around.

Download Beta

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