Disney’s Moana


On November 23, the Rock is set to make his mark on the Disney Universe as Maui, a demigod who’s playing companion to the newest Disney princess, Moana. The film is coming out of Disney Animation Studios (not Pixar), and it’s being directed by the same guys who did Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. If the plot of a young woman embarking on a journey to save her family doesn’t have you excited, then the film’s music might just turn your head. Not only is the film being orchestrated and soundtracked by Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, but they’re going to make Dwayne Johnson rap, so …

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  1. Just thinking about Dwayne Johnson rapping makes me want to steer clear of this movie. I also wish a major studio would take a bold step and actually use voice talent for the characters that doesn’t pull from the Hollywood acting pool.

    • Totally agree on both accounts but I do like him so I’ll see the film. To be fair if they did pull from the voice talent pool it would only be the same 20 that do everything anyway, so honestly it’s really not that different.

  2. I have daughter who is really into animation. I think she will enjoy this 🙂

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