Nickelodeon Show Creator Launches New App For Kids

Originally printed in the Conejo Valley Happening

As if creating several successful animated shows for the Nickelodeon network weren’t enough, Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom and T.U.F.F. Puppy) has just launched a mobile app geared for kids and teens.

An animated world filled with cartoons, video games and live action shows, The NOOG Network is a project Hartman has been developing for the past six months. “I wanted to do something where I could branch out on my own,” said the Calabasas resident and last year’s Reyes Adobe Days featured artist. “Having my own space is the perfect opportunity to showcase things that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hartman, though he loves working in traditional children’s television, has always felt the need to branch out into the app space. He compares the technology to “the wild west” where there aren’t that many rules yet and you can experiment a lot more easily. ” If I think of something on Monday I can have it up by Friday,” he said.

According to Hartman, Noogs are fuzzy little interactive creatures of all shapes and sizes that escort players through their unique city landscape. “As kids watch things, they can earn points and buy more characters, which I think keeps things more interesting,”

LAND OF NOOG COLOREDThe programming, tailored for kids ages 6-14, was developed and created by Hartman and his family which keeps production costs down. One live action show, Zack 2.0–made up of 10, two-minute episodes and described as a teen drama with a sci-fi twist–was shot on-location at Agoura High School and features Hartman’s daughters, Carly and Sophia, in the cast. His wife, Julieann, was the line producer.

Currently, there are six 30-second cartoons, two live action shows, a kids’ newscast and three video games. “By this time next year I hope to have about 20 shows, 50 cartoons and 10 video games,” he said.

Currently, the app is free and can be found on mobile devices. In addition, Hartman will be hosting an upcoming event to showcase the app at The Garage teen center located at the Agoura Hills Recreation & Event Center. Stay tuned for details.

Incidently, we interviewed Butch back in 2011

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