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When I first conceived of Animation Insider I pictured it as a site for animators by animators.  Being a professional animator or artist is hard. It takes a lot of networking skills and dedication. It also takes promotion. Many of the people I know do their own thing on the side, be it comics, short films, jewelry, paintings, tutorials and teaching, writing, to name a few.  A few I know even bake!

That said, we’re starting a new feature on Animation whereby you can promote your events, films reel, or art here and be seen thousands of artists, development executives and animators daily. You can even sell your DVDs etc. here as well. Pretty cool you say?

Damn straight!

So how does this awesomeness work?

 All you’ve got to do is send $10 to on Paypal and send your flyer, art, reel, and a description of whatever you want to say to the same address and as long as it meets our guidelines we’ll post it on your behalf!
(If it doesn’t we’ll refund your money or give you a chance to revise it.)
Pretty easy huh?
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