Cintiq Alternative: Ugee 1910B 19″ Monitor Drawing Tablet review

If you remember a while back we reported on a Cintiq alternative called the Ugee 1910B 19″ Monitor Drawing Tablet which you can currently purchase on Amazon for only $429 and users really seemed to like. Today I was alerted to a fantastic and very lengthy in depth review of  the device itself by an artist named Holly. The review points to an unboxing video as well as two other demos of using the tablet monitor and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the results. If I needed a new Cintiq I might actually drop the cash for this one.

You can read the full review here.

Of course you REALLY don’t need a huge tablet like this when you can still buy an LE 1600 for LESS THAN $100 at Gainsaver which works perfectly well for a cheap digital sketchbook. Also recently I purchased a J3400 from eBay also made by Motion which I’ll put through it’s paces and hopefully do a review.

If the Ugee makers want to send us a demo unit we’d LOVE to take the tablet monitor through it’s paces.


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  1. Hello, thanks for uploading links to my video on your site. I don’t work for Ugee, I’m just a regular american expat living in the UK. Just haven’t had much time to post much on my blog. If you are suspicious of me being a manufacturer perhaps ask first before posting such an assumption about my blog and review! My blog is only a week old, and is my personal art blog.

    • Fair enough, but if it WAS the manufacturer and they were disguising themselves as an artist to make it look like their product was great, I highly doubt simply asking would work. Forgive me, but it’s just a tad odd that you have no time to draw or post art yet have time to create the most elaborate and detailed review of a product I’ve seen in a long long time…

    • I took down the update concerning my suspicions.

  2. If I come across a bit harsh, I do apologize. It’s after 3:00 am in the morning here and I’ve got the insomnia bug. I can see how my blog might come across as a bit advertise-ish but I assure you, I’m just a Ugee fangirl lol. If you have any questions about the tablet I never addressed or would like me to make a more in depth video, I’m more than happy to. I actually originally made the videos to help someone out who I was exchanging comments with on youtube about the tablet, then my husband suggested I make a blog about everything too. I mentioned I had bought the Ugee and the youtuber’s were curious about it so asked me to make videos showing the pressure and tilt and all that. The unboxing video was something I did on my own since there didn’t seem to be one..I was honestly expecting the tablet to not be as good as my old Cintiq 21UX or work as well as the Intuos I have so was very shocked to have fallen so head over heels for it! It does have it’s con’s such as the glossy screen, and lack of hot keys but other than that it’s pretty solid. It took me 3 years and a lot of comparisons and research before buying the Ugee and put my blog up with hope that it helps other’s learn about the company and the tablet itself.

    There are so many myths floating around on the internet based off assumptions, that it can be confusing for some. It doesn’t help that some of the company’s are not willing to be more vocal and up front about their products unless you specifically e-mail their management teams which sucks. I wanted to help clear up some of those myths so that other consumer’s can make an informed buying choice based on their budget, needs and expectations. I do fluently speak Chinese which I’ve studied since I was a teenager, so this helped me quite a lot in my research! Basically, the blog and videos are serving as a source that I didn’t have myself but wish existed for me. I wanted to also address the confusion with the other tablets regarding the myth that they all use the same technology behind the screen. I’m one of those very picky hard to please consumer’s and a natural detective…I wasn’t quite satisfied with all of the ”unkown” surrounding the cintinq alternatives. I figured other’s out there were just as confused as I was so the blog is there to help them decide which tablet is best for them and that which ever tablet they choose, should make them happy! 🙂

  3. Oh I do draw, I will be uploading some of my drawings and photography soon. I will mention here, I have a 2 year old that keeps me on my feet lol. By the end of the day, as much as I would love to sit down and blog up the web and draw I’m just exhausted. I did post a quick read today about painting miniatures, which is a hobby I do with the husband here and there and linked over to his blog. I suppose I never really thought of my blog and such as a review, thank you for the compliment I really appreciate it! I just posted it there and didn’t actually think anyone would ever read it lol. I’m glad though that my videos and blog are being seen, the more people who perhaps give Ugee tablets a try, the more we can see how they operate with different systems and how other’s find the tablet to work with them and hopefully we’ll see much much better video’s and blog post’s than mine in the future. 🙂

  4. Hi Holly, It’s nice to see the Ugee 1910 in action. I’ve just purchased one and it arrived yesterday. I have three main graphics programs I’m using in my work of designing vintage racing tee shirts and related products. My question is have you used the Ugee with other graphics programs? My main programs have been, Paint Shop Pro 7 (Jasc) Sketch Book Pro, Magix and a few others. I do have a few problems with the Ugee adapting to the older programs with a few tool boxes disappearing while in use. I’ll figure it out. Windows 7 and Ugee seem to relate well. As far as tablets, I’ve used the Monoprice 6×10 in all my published art until now. I have great expectations in the new Ugee 1910B, and just a few hiccups so far. Great video Holly, looking forward to more.

  5. Hi Scott, hope you had a nice easter and are enjoying the tablet. I have used the tablet with Zbrush, Painter, Easy Paint Tool Sai, and Photoshop. I am aware of what Paint Shop Pro 7 is, as I used to use it and actually mention it in one of my videos. I’m not sure why you would use that software with the tablet as it is very very outdated and buggy, and has no pressure sensitivity or anything else useful but to each their own. I would think that the issue would be due to the nature of PSP being very old and drivers not being made to work with it since Jasc is long gone and PSP 7 is over 15 years old now. With that said though, the tablet does work fine with old versions of Photoshop, such as Photoshop 6.0 so I don’t know. I haven’t had any issues with the tablet at all with any of the programs I use or toolbox issues. I’m using Windows 8.1 and 7 on 2 separate computers with the tablet, if that helps. Maybe Ugee customer service would be able to help more, I apologize.

  6. Does the ugee 19 have support for multiple monitors? Also what happens when the tablet monitor and pc monitors have different resolutions? I would like to know because I have three 22in 1080p monitors

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