News: DisneyToon Studios Hit By More Layoffs

disneytoon-logo-grid A sad day at Disney Toons as Deadline Hollywood reports that as many as 17  artists were given pink slips.

From the site:

 Things are getting leaner at the House of Mouse once again. This time it’sDisneyToon Studios that is handing out pink slips. About 17 of the 60 full-time employees at the primarily direct-to-video animation group have been laid off, with some occurring last week and the rest to leave during the next month. A unit of Walt Disney Animation Studios, the John Lasseter- and Ed Catmull-run DisneyToon called a meeting August 6 to make the layoffs announcement to staff. The quickly called gathering came a day after big Disney released its ahead-of-expectations Q3 results.“There is not a lot left to cut here now, the next round of cuts could be closing us down,” one DTS employee told me.


You can read the full story here.

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