The Best (and worst) game companies to work for in 2013

Best and worst game employers 2013

This should be interesting!

Game is reporting about who in the gaming industry is the best and worst to work for based on employees in 2013.

As it turns out Valve and Riot are among the best to work for which is valuable information for our readers to say the least!

From the site:

We all have our impressions of how good a video-game company is, but, for most of us, those impressions are formed mostly from personal experience as consumers and from a kind of Internet groupthink. (“Valve is good. EA is bad. Everyone knows that.”)

Here’s insight from the people in the trenches, who have an insiders’ view of exactly what goes on behind closed doors and can offer some brutally honest assessments of what it’s like to work for the giants of video gaming.

*UPDATE: Added the CORRECT link to the article.

You can read the full article here.

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