News: Sneak Peek – Flipbook in the all-new SketchBook Pro coming this summer

I’ve been part of the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro beta team since about 2006 and have bugged them forever about putting in a timeline to animate with. They finally listened late last year and we’ve been testing it ever since but of course I couldnt talk about it even though I wanted to. About four months ago they approached me to demo that very thing and show what it can do! Well today they put up a preview of that tutorial. This marks a new chapter for Sketchbook and I am very proud to say I helped bring it to fruition! This is BIG news for those who LOVE Sketchbook Pro’s ability to have great pencil tools right out of the box unlike Photoshop. Having used it I can say that’s it’s pretty damn cool and if you dabble in animation at ALL you will love this new feature!

Check it out on!



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