News: Amazon’s HardBoiled Eggheads

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Amazon has just released an animate short for the 7-11 crowd which i was fortunate enough to work on!
Hardboiled Eggheads  is about two boys; Miles and Kelvin are regular kids…who happen to be classified special agents. The two brainiacs suit up to correct the mistakes of science battling monsters born of toxic waste, Martians lured to Earth, or even killer vegetables!

While I did do storyboards, timing and animation for this film,  I still think it’s cool because of the potential implications for the animation industry insomuch that content is being created outside the Big Three; Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, and Disney and THAT’S a GREAT thing for animation as a whole.

Here’s a clip from the pilot.

and here’s another one.

All of the new pilots will be available for free for 30 days for anyone to watch, rate or review and I urge you to do all if only to support endeavors into animation.

Click here for a  direct link to the short pilot.

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