Promote Yourself: “The 1st Annual LAFILM Animation “Smash” Festival


The Los Angeles Film School – Computer Animation Program present “The 1st Annual LAFILM Animation “Smash” Festival


Two Days of Computer Animation Festival fun including Live Digital Sculpting & Modeling Demonstrations, Webinars, Screenings, Contests, Workshops and Much much more….All things Animation! Come out and join the Fun!!!


Some of the events listed are:


Chaos Group/VRAY webinar (Live) from Bulgaria

“Digital Sculpting” with Pixologic Instructor Damian Szeibert


Peter Clarke presents “Mech Robot” from Legacy Studios along with the “Behind the Scenes: Making of the Robot”

  • ·       Wired Magazine and YouTube commissioned Legacy Effects and The Stan Winston School of Character Arts to partner up and create this mech robot to celebrate practical effects and “geek culture”. Legacy created the 9’9″ tall, 400 lbs. cosplay robot in 24 days. It is an example of the mech designs they have created for blockbuster hits like Iron Man and Pacific Rim. The piece was featured at the 2013 Comic Con event and on the KTLA morning show. This robot is made of aluminum and polyurethane. It has a voice modulator and motion activated sound effects and lighting. One of the creators, Peter Clarke will be on site at LAFILM school to talk more about the robot’s awesome design and build.

Cinzia Angelini presents “Mila” and (Mila Documentary)



  • ·       Cinzia Angelini has worked as an animator in productions involving traditional as well as computer animation for more than twenty years. Her body of work includes features like “Spirit”, “Bolt” and “Spider-man 2”, the production of the Universal theme park ride for “Despicable Me”, and the role of story artist on the “Minions Movie” at Illumination Entertainment. She currently enjoys working as a story artist at Dreamworks Animation, and is also directing her own independent short film, “Mila”, due out in 2015


About “Mila”:

  • ·       With little more than imagination, and a touch of humanity, a young girl manages to survive war, and discover hope.
  • ·       The tragedy of War unfortunately did not end with the children of World War II. Even today, children continue to suffer from the ravages of conflict in many places around the world. It is their current plight that moves me to take action. To that end, I strive to produce “Mila”, an animated short that presents the most tragic collateral damage of War as its theme – the youngest civilians. Though often overlooked and rarely mentioned by the media, civilians are the first to be hit, and their children, the last to be remembered


The Animation Smash Festival will be Oct. 24th – 25th and will host various contests and (Live) demos, workshops, and Industry presentations (workshops and presentations are open to public).  *also we will be Raffling off – one of a kind “Animation Smash Festival” T-shirts.

A showing of various “Robot themed” movies, will also be shown throughout the event.


For any questions on this event please contact Lori Hammond, Program Director- ASCA & ASGP,

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