Promote Yourself: ABC Commercial Confirmed as Home Entertainment Partner on Animated Web Series “The Eggsperts” from Flying Bark Productions and Blake eLearning

the eggsperts 

ABC Commercial Confirmed as Home Entertainment Partner on Animated Web Series “The Eggsperts” from Flying Bark Productions and Blake eLearning 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – October 2, 2013…..

Flying Bark Productions and Blake eLearning today confirmed ABC Commercial as the home entertainment partner on the recently announced animated web series “The Eggsperts”.

ABC Commercial will release the 11 x 7 minute series produced by RE Productions Pty Limited and developed with the assistance of Screen NSW on DVD.

Based on the highly successful e-learning website, ABC Reading Eggs, the series will be a stimulating and educational production for four to seven year olds, available for download via Android and Apple mobile devices as well as to all ABC Reading Eggs subscribers.

“We are thrilled to have ABC Commercial on board as our home entertainment partner.  The series will deliver a rich educational experience for children making the trusted ABC for Kids brand a perfect fit for “The Eggsperts” DVD release” said Flying Bark Productions Managing Director, Jim Ballantine.

The ABC Reading Eggs website reaches over two million members from over 169 countries and is a highly successful property in the education and eLearning market for its target age group and a highly successful online reading program for children aged 3-13.

Life in Eggleston and the surrounding lands is one giant puzzle and the Eggsperts are on a mission to deliver new eggs to their homelands, crack the special hatching word and welcome an eggstraordinary critter as it hatches into their quirky world!  Sam, Jazz and Tom are the very best egg hatchers – but they are also good at getting distracted.  Sometimes they find themselves caught up in the wild, whimsical and wonderful things they see along the way!  Luckily they are “eggsperts”, and together they find ways to get back on track and get their new Critter friend hatched!

Children experience and learn new and exciting things every day – just like the Eggsperts.  Each episode brings children on a new adventure of discovery in a fun and playful environment and features one or more of the characters facing a quirky challenge. The stories reflect a combination of charm and adventure which underpins the website design and experience.  Targeted at preschool children, the series focuses on the use of phonemic awareness, letter recognition and socio-emotional learning – three key elements in a child’s journey in learning to read.  The episodes include sound and word play, rhymes, songs and tongue-twisting fun.

Learning should be associated with fun, excitement and a feeling of accomplishment.  As children solve the clues, with the help of the Eggsperts, they associate learning and teamwork as a positive and rewarding experience, as they help to hatch the egg and find a reward inside!  The goal is to motivate children to learn and to encourage curiosity and creativity as they explore the colourful and fun world of the Eggsperts!

With an extensive and distinguished legacy as one of Australia’s leading entertainment producers, Flying Bark Productions is at the forefront of the animation industry, creating film and television content that delights and captivates pre-school, young adult and family audiences worldwide.

Blake eLearning is a leading independent publisher that specialises in creating high quality literacy and numeracy resources for schools and educators throughout the world. With over 2.6 million members in 169 countries, ABC Reading Eggs is an online reading program that teaches children aged 3-13 the core literacy skills needed for lifetime reading success. The program provides a comprehensive sequence of online lessons, games and ebooks that make learning fun and motivational for young children.

The ABC Reading Eggs program has been developed by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers.


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