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We’re launching a Kickstarter project to implement a new variety of tools for animators, we will create and install on our website a new video player for our 1.800+ online video references, presented on, that allows scrubbing videos frame-by-frame. Also, we’re going to update our website to run properly on feature/smart phones and tablets. We have some great awards, including ad plans and sponsorship in our site exclusively for schools and companies in the animation and game fields.  And ALL OVER 1800 videos on our wesite are completely free and available to the whole community of animators in the world.

:: See our project page on Kickstarter! ::
Share it with your friends, classmates and students! If we don’t fund the project in Kickstater, the site will continue as it is … without videos frame-by-frame, without working well on tablets, and without being able to download the videos. In addition, several new videos that we have to up-load will stay on the desk. If you support us by sponsoring our project from $1, you will help us helping the whole animation community in the world!


Thank you!

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