Promote Yourself: Frank Detrano premieres an original animation series called PALOOKAS.

Courtney Madison, an LA reporter, visits a witness protection mob informant known only as Deep Fish, 
and learns that the new Godfather for the Candella mob is Henry Candle, a long lost relative and bungling,
naive hillbilly now living in Iowa.
The Candellas succeed in bringing Henry back east to groom him as the Don all on the pretense that he’s
been promoted as the next CEO of a waste management company.
However, his wife’s family (which includes a bunch of moonshine rejects from Deliverance) also follow him
back and this culture clash of two stereotypical families provides the comedy during Henry’s transformation.
Every time the Candellas pull Henry to their side of the fence, his in-laws pull him right back in.
But, hey, they’re cartoons….you got a problem with that?
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