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This time we’re going to talk about video editors because after all no matter how much animation you draw unless you can edit it all together you’ll never get that film seen by anyone.

There are SO many better video editors all from which you can make a decent animatic. Did I miss your favorite app? Let me know!

The first comes with Windows, Windows Movie maker is simple but can certainly be used to make an animatic.

Another one is Ezvid
Another one is CyberLink Power Director

Another is Movica

Another is Corel Video Studio Pro

For the Mac there is Final Cut X which is fairly cheap

and iMovie which is cheaper.

Also you could use VideoLan Movie Creator which is free and works on all platforms including Linux

Well on Windows the first that comes to mind is Windows Movie Creator which is a free download. you could make simple animatics using that.

Virtual Dub is another one… but you gotta be on a PC for it…

EZ Vid is a third: Again PC. See a pattern here?

Cyberlink is fairly affordable at $189.00

Sony Vegas is kinda weird but not too expensive.

For Mac there’s Avidemux which is free.

And of course iMovie which is kinda kludgy but usable
There’s also Final Cut Pro X which is pretty much the newest version of FCP and iMovie combined.

there’s Kden Live as well

And Jahskaka.

and finally VLC Movie Creator



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  1. SmartPixel is another one for game video recording and video editing.

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