Pressure sensitive stylus for your iMac, iPad & MacBook Pro! by Cregle Inc. — Kickstarter

A reader posted this in the comments of my post yesterday about a Cintiq alternative and I felt it too needed it’s own post. Cregle Inc has come up with  away to turn your iMac, iPad or MacBook Pro into a more or less what is a Cintiq. For small change!

The whole process works by putting calibration discs on the edges of your monitor and having it sync with the included pen. It’s actually pretty damn ingenious if you ask me. It seems the reason it works on the iPad, iMac and MacBook Pro is mostly because they all have glass over their lcds whereas not all monitors do. If i press my monitor it has a squishy feel to it and you get some liquid spreading out from under my finger. I can see my monitor breaking quickly. the iMacs have glass over that part though and so do the iPads and MacBook Pros so it seems it would probably work on anything that has glass on it. Anyway, check the link out below. I hope it gets funded because it could change the way we do business.

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