A Very Different Toy Story


i09 is reporting that toy story 3 initially had a very different story.

From the site:

Jim Herzfeld wrote one draft of Circle 7’s Toy Story 3, a script that was later polished by Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir (who also wrote Circle 7’s Monsters Inc. sequel script). In this version, Buzz Lightyear starts malfunctioning, so his fellow toys ship him back to his manufacturer in Taiwan. But when they learn of a massive recall on Buzz Lightyear toys, Andy’s toys fear that Buzz will be destroyed, so they head to Taiwan to rescue him. Visual development artist Jim Martin provided concept art of some of the key moments. You can see a few piece below, and more on his website.

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News: The Perils of an All Digital Movie future


Vulture.com has an interesting read about the future and troubles of switching to an all digital movie industry which is currently at about 90% saturation.

A quote from the article:

In one of the most famous examples of the perils of digital preservation, when the makers of Toy Story attempted to put their film out on DVD a few years after its release, they discovered that much of the original digital files of the film — as much as a fifth — had been corrupted. They wound up having to use a film print for the DVD. “That was the first major episode to draw public attention to the fact that digital files are a challenge when it comes to conservation,” says Usai. (Somewhat hilariously and almost tragically, a similar fate came close to befalling Toy Story 2, which nearly got nuked when someone accidentally hit a “delete” button.)

You can read the whole article here.