Lego Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters girl power remake will be hitting the big screen next month, but the folks over at Digital Wizards Studios decided to pull out all the stops with their homage to the Ghostbusters franchise. Literally all the stops, because they used actual LEGOS and stop motion animation to film the five minute long clip that includes tons of cameos. Ever wondered how the Lego version of The Simpsons family would handle the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Well, it’s in this epic clip that also has just about every other licensed character in the LEGO Universe. Seriously, you’ll need to watch it multiple times to pick up on everything.

If you’re thinking this video is completely superior to the amateur stop motion animated films you may have filmed in your youth, you’re totally right. Production of this short clip wasn’t easy nor was it cheap. Digital Wizards Studios spent over $100,000 on LEGO bricks and Minifigures. They also used the five most expensive LEGO products produced (Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Mr. Gold) and in one scene over 120 unique Minifigures were used. So how long did it take? From start to finish the project took 2000 hours over the course of 5 months. Even though it’s less than five minutes, the watchability on this is so good it’ll hold you over until the feature length live action film comes out July 15.




Netflix, DHX Media, LEGO and Cartoon Network

all secure number-one spots

Toronto, October 28, 2015: Kidscreen is thrilled to announce the results of its Hot50 ranking of 2015’s leading companies in broadcasting, production, distribution, licensing and digital media.

These rankings were determined by vote, with all of Kidscreen’s 15,000+ magazine and newsletter subscribers invited to participate over a three-week period earlier this month. Here are the final results by category:


  1.  Netflix
  2. Cartoon Network US
  3. CBeebies
  5. Disney Channel
  6. DHX Media
  7. Sprout
  8. KiKa
  9. Super RTL
  10. YTV



  1. Cartoon Network Studios
  2. 9 Story Media Group
  3. DreamWorks Animation Television
  4. DHX Media
  5. Sinking Ship Entertainment
  6. Animaccord Animation Studio
  7. Amazon Studios
  8. Breakthrough Entertainment
  9. Brown Bag Films
  10. Spin Master Entertainment



  1. DHX Media
  2. CAKE
  3. 9 Story Media Group
  4. Entertainment One (eOne)
  5. Sesame Workshop
  6. Nelvana Enterprises
  7. The Jim Henson Company
  8. PGS Entertainment
  9. Breakthrough Entertainment
  10. Saban Brands



  1. The LEGO Group
  2. Entertainment One Family (eOne Family)
  3. DHX Brands
  4. Nelvana Enterprises
  5. Sesame Workshop
  6. Saban Brands
  7. Wicked Cool Toys
  8. Zodiak Kids
  9. Budge Studios
  10. ITV Studios Global Entertainment



  1. Cartoon Network Digital
  2. Toca Boca
  3. DHX Media
  4. Sesame Workshop
  5. Hopster
  6. Rovio Entertainment
  7. DreamWorksTV
  8. Maker Studios
  9. Nelvana Digital
  10. National Geographic Kids


The top-ranked companies in each category will be formally inducted into the Kidscreen Hot50 Hall of Fame in a celebration to be held during Kidscreen Summit 2016 (February 8-11 • Miami, Florida).

And all of the Hot50 companies will be profiled in a special print issue due out on December 10 that will be mailed to Kidscreen’s full circulation list, plus distributed at NATPE and Kidscreen Summit in the new year.

Kidscreen will also showcase the Hot50 companies on a dedicated microsite for a full year, and then archive this content so it’s still searchable and accessible online.

For further details, please contact:

Janet Balmforth at DDA Blueprint PR

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