Steve Marino

What is your name and your current occupation?
Steve Marino
Director / Executive Creative Director: Nitrous, Ltd.

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation? 
I drove a pickup truck at the model shop at R/Greenberg Associates (R/GA , RGA) as my first job put of school in the late eighties just to get my foot in the door there. I’d go to a sketchy area in Newark to pick up painting supplies, and I never drove anything so big before. No shock; so it was like a ship on the open sea. When you hit the brakes the headliner would fall down on you and the visor would swing down and out and hit you squarely in the face. You’re “paying dues” to get into the industry, but it still sucked.

What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of? 
Main titles for 25 feature films (Home Alone, Goodfella’s, Silence of the Lambs, etc..). Directed and worked with The Beastie Boys, Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, Michael Jackson, etc… Helped to open a shop in Continue reading