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This website was created to focus on “us” as a community, The United People of Animation. Corny perhaps, until you consider this. How many people can you name that worked on your favorite cartoon from when you were a kid? Some might be able to name a famous director or a noted artist who created the style, but almost no one can tell you who did the backgrounds or the props for a show.

That’s wrong in my opinion and this site seeks to change that. Now comes the pitch kind people. Keeping this website going is not a simple thing… it takes daily work to supervise, service and update it as well as emailing people daily, finding new artists uploading artwork and making sure that everything is done correctly to honor the daily person in the spotlight. It also requires money to host the site, and the storage space for the large files people send me.

I’m not asking for much really, even a dollar would do. If you feel like helping out it would be much appreciated!

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