News-Behind-the-scenes look at Halo 4 Spartan Ops

Check out this awesome look at the new Halo series Spartan Ops! As a huge fan of the Halo franchise I’ve waited a long time to see more than just the game. At one time you might remember that Peter Jackson was slated to make a full feature film which went bust after Microsoft and his company couldn’t come to an agreement. Eventually the team headed by Neil Blompkamp did District 9 using the R and D they had done for Halo.

Well now Microsoft has funded a series of 10 short films that follow a team of Spartans on the mysterious Forerunner world. It’s pretty well done and feeds my Halo habit nicely. You can read more about the series below.

From CG Society:

Through a weekly series of cinematic episodes, Spartan Ops tells the continuing story of the UNSC Infinity, following the events of ‘Halo 4’. Ten animated episodes, featuring over 1200 CGI animated shots, are being released throughout the series, which began on Nov 6th with the launch of ‘Halo 4’. These cinematic episodes provide the backdrop for the weekly Spartan Ops gameplay missions, where players can take part in five new missions each week that explore the corners of Requiem and help uncover the secrets of the mysterious Forerunner world.

The series is being directed by Axis co-founder Stuart Aitken, on the heels of other recent high-profile game-related projects, including the much-acclaimed and award-winning Dead Island announcement trailer.


News- Rusty Mills Memorial- 2:00 pm, Tuesday, December 11

All are welcome according to Andrea, Rusty’s wife.

From Andrea:

I want you to know how much Rusty loved and respected all of you. So many of you have faced cancer – watching loved ones endure and fight and even enduring it yourselves. So many of you have faced economic hardships and struggles of every other kind. Rusty genuinely cared about your stories, your lives, your dreams. This outpouring of love and kindness has been overwhelming and words fail me how to express our deep gratitude. Some of you don’t know Rusty or us and have shown so much love. God bless all of you.

Andrea and Evan MillsWe are having a graveside service to honor Rusty at 2:00 pm, Tuesday, December 11.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

Glen Haven and Sholom Memorial Park
Glen Haven Mortuary
13017 N. Lopez Canyon Road
Sylmar, California 91342
Phone: (818) 899-5211

Click to be taken to Map:

News- Rest in Peace, Rusty Mills 1962-2012

Rusty teaching as he was often found doing- picture by Jim Mitchell

I am so deeply saddened by this news. I honestly thought he would beat it… That by some miracle I’d check this page and we’d hear he was in remission. Early on every time I spoke to him he seemed strong and when I read his updates I truly believed he was the one. He was the one through sheer will and belief that would finally beat this disease and tell it to go away. His name will go on clearly in the minds and hearts and thoughts of all of us here . While that may be of little condolence he did truly make difference; something not every person will be able to say and that I believe does matter. Rusty, I thank you for the insight, the opportunity and the wisdom you shared with me and I can only pray the good Lord will comfort your family during this heart breaking time. God speed my friend.

If you’d like to give to the Rust Mills Cancer Fund you can do so here.

Lastly, get your colon checked, Rusty died of colon cancer that spred to his liver before it was detected. Don’t let this vicious desease do the same to you.

News- L.A. Times Animation Roundtable

We’re gonna start doing a new feature here from time to time in the form of news. Today’s first one is a plethora of talent in the form of all the directors from the current animation films today! Half of who i know and none of which I have yet to interview! Fingers crossed! Anyway, the piece is a great little nugget of what goes into selling an idea in the animation film business. Click the pic below to see more insight! If anyone has any great unique news out there fel free to send it my way!

Los Angeles Times reporter Rebecca Keegan talks to animation directors Mark Andrews, Peter Ramsey, Chris Butler, Rich Moore and Genndy Tartakovsky on the challenges of making feature animated movies and the future of animation.