Old But Good Tech Thursday: ASUS EP121 Computer Tablet Review


ASUS EP121 Computer Tablet Review
by Herb Moore (interview)

Let me first state that I really like my ASUS EP121 computer tablet, and that’s saying a lot coming from a Motion Computing LE1700 tablet that I worked liked a mule and really enjoyed working on.  If you’re expecting to read a “bashing” review of the ASUS EP121 tablet, it’s not going to happen here.  That’s not to say that it’s perfect, but read on and you’ll understand what I’m getting at.

I use mainly three software programs to create my illustrations and animations: Flash CS6, Photoshop CS6 & Sketchbook Pro 6.  Flash & Photoshop can tax many good computers but work extremely well on the ASUS tablet.  I have on occasion used both programs simultaneously and the tablet keeps clicking along just fine.  I do create artwork in Hi Definition from time to time as the need arises, but if I don’t need to work at that level then I won’t. I love a lot of color and intensity and I use a lot of layers to capture the effect & look I want, so I’m not afraid to try to push the computer.


The tablet boots up very quickly with little to no hesitation initially. Once I open any software, though it appears to load very quickly, there does tend to be a slight delay in being able to go ahead and work, as if something still hasn’t completely loaded. I tend to try to be a bit more patient when initially booting up just in case my eagerness is the problem. Even after working for several minutes, there may be a quick pause or two where the computer seems to freeze then it kicks back in, but it’s quite brief and from that point on there are no more problems. The weight is heavy & solid enough for me, (lighter than my Motion Computing LE1700), but doesn’t require me to workout at the gym just so I can hold it.

Snowman in the Forest 02

The pen/stylus that came with the tablet is very light, and at first appearance the tip seemed to be too large for the detail I wanted, but I soon learned that it handled the finest details I threw at it just fine. Admittedly, at first I preferred to use the pen/stylus from the Motion Computing LE1700, (I love that pen), but seldom do I really “need” it. I’m quite happy that I stayed with the original pen/stylus as it performs very well.

Hillbilly 10b

The screen on the EP121 is great to view my artwork, as well as display my art while I work on it, and it displays excellent color & details to any of my highly rendered artwork and animations. It’s very sharp and impressive.

Since I store everything I create on Dropbox I need to mention that the Wi-Fi works flawlessly. I prefer not to use my tablet for any Internet communications, to avoid any possible contamination, and transfer anything else I may need onto the tablet via flash drives.

Elephant  07c

Finally, the battery life is fantastic and lasts several hours, whether I’m illustrating in Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop, as well as when I’m animating in Flash. Also, the recharge time is excellent even while I’m using the tablet.

Nature 17

In closing, I tend to latch onto what I truly like to use & then I try to wear it out through intense & laborious work. I push hard and create thousands of illustrations and numerous short Flash animations. I seriously doubt my ASUS EP121 tablet will wear out anytime soon so only time will tell who breaks down first: me or the machine!

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