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The Artiface has an interesting article by Lauren Carr, about the credits of an animated film (thanks Lisa!) and interviews some animators in the process.  As one of those lingerers who watches the entire credits of a film,  I feel it’s important to respect the hard work of others if only to see if I know anyone who worked on the film (I always do). Besides they usually have entertaining bits of animation throughout and sometimes they even have a little button at the end which is always a great finisher.

From the site:

The movie ends; the crowd wants out as if tear gas was released. Nevertheless, there are a few lingerers sitting through the credits keeping extreme focus on the screen, not willing to risk looking down while grasping for a piece of popcorn. How do they still have popcorn? Regardless, those last few keep a profound stare at tiny names racing down the screen. Perhaps the majority who glimpse at the credits might wonder how those names became crew members on an animated film. Some envision the crew thoroughly savor their employment. What in the name of all that’s holy can be cooler than working on a feature?


Check it out the entire article on their site The Artiface.

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