Wacom revamps its hybrid Windows tablet for 2015


Engadget is reporting that Wacom has finally updated it’s original hybrid.

If you remember last year Wacom came out with an expensive but sweet little device called the Wacom Companion which was a standalone portable tablet that let you draw on the go, but also connect to your PC or Mac when you were home for a bit of added extra power. It was a clever concept but also in true traditional Wacom flair, expensive as Hell. Well, today Wacom released a new updated model with better specs as well as a reduced cost by $200. Not bad Wacom, not bad!

From Engadget’s site:

 For 2015, though, Wacom has added more configurations, and knocked $200 off the price. Just like its predecessor, the new Cintiq Companion 2 doubles as a handy pen display when you’re working at home, pairing with either a Windows PC or Mac via the Wacom Connect app.

You can read the whole article here.

A bit more about the Wacom Companion 2 from Wacom’s site:

Arriving early 2015. Available in 5 models.

Enjoy total creative freedom and a superior, natural pen-on-screen drawing experience with a Cintiq Companion 2nd generation. Engineered to run your professional creative software, the Cintiq Companion 2 is ready to inspire the most demanding artists and designers. Create under open skies or plug into your Mac or PC to bring each remarkable detail of your expression to life with exquisite accuracy

Cintiq Companion 2 Features


Mac and PC compatible
Powerful Windows 8 creative tablet that you can also use as a Cintiq when attached to a Mac or PC

A professional grade creative pen and a highly responsive glass screen that’s finished to provide the friction of a natural pen-on-paper feel while reducing glare.

13″ widescreen HD display

ExpressKeysâ„¢, Rocker Ring and multi-touch gestures

Pro Pen – ultra-fine precision, 2048 pressure levels and tilt recognition

Ergonomically designed for professional artists and designers (left-handed or right-handed, doesn’t matter!). Work comfortably with the Pro Pen in hand, using conveniently placed ExpressKeys™, a soft-grip tablet back and 4-position adjustable stand to easily work wherever, whenever.

Intel® Core™ Processing Power

Cintiq Companion 2 Specifications

Fully portable or plug into your Mac or PC

Display Size & Resolution
13.3 inch
2560 x 1440 WQHD display

Overall Dimensions
374 x 248 x 15 mm (14.7 x 9.9 x 0.6 in)

1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)

Advanced Controls
Wacom Pro Pen and multi-touch

Productivity Boosters
ExpressKeysâ„¢ and on-screen controls

Compatibility (when plugged in)
Windows® 7 and later
Mac OS X 10.8 and later

Operating System
Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro

Intel® Core™ processors

Available with 4 to 16 GB DDR memory

Available with 64 to 512 GB solid state drive (SSD) storage

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