HP’s new Slates Let You Draw Ultrasonically and Transfer to Digital

hp-pro-slate-8-pen-pressAndroid Central is reporting on HP’s newest slates the HP PRo 12″ and the HP Pro 8″ and the craziest thing is it’s ability to draw what it sees on paper and transfer it to the tablet through ultrasonic emitters! That’s right, you can draw on paper and the tablet will pick up what you draw and transfer it to the tablet without wires.

The pen here supports both on-screen and ink-on-paper writing/drawing/what-have-you, and with the HP Paper Folio case you can literally write on a piece of paper and have that data transferred over to the tablet. How? With an array of four microphones on the tablet that pick up the super-high-pitched sounds emitted by ultrasonic emitters built into the pen. Qualcomm’s been showing off the technology for years, and HP’s tablets are the first to actually implement it.









You can read the whole article here.

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