News: Call for Crew Pictures

2195_1112351088551_460_nXiaolin Showdown Crew (2004)

I am wanting to do a new feature this year on Animation Insider in the form of showcasing crew pictures of all the shows and films from animation such as the ones posted here. So I am looking for crew pics of TV , feature films and video games, as well as vfx of crews from live action films too.  It doesn’t have to be just a crew photo but photos at the studio, or a lunch or really anything associated with fellow workers and artists would be fine. If you have any or are interested in participating please let me know. It can be old, new , small, big I don’t care. Preferably scanned but I can do that if you can get it to me.  Any year is fine. Please send all pics to

Randy Cunninghap 9th grade Ninja crewRandy Cunningham, 9th grade Ninja crew (2012)

Shnookums and meat crewShnookums and Meat crew (1994)

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