News: Petition to Adobe: Eliminate the mandatory “creative cloud” subscription model.


There’s been quite a buzz on the web about Adobe’s decision to make a cloud subscription mandatory to use their Creative Suite 7. Obviously not everyone is happy about this as evidenced by John Hack’s Adobe blog. Derek Schoffstall has created a petition to show Adobe that not everyone wants to rent their software.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for signing this petition! In just 4 and a half days we already have received more than 5,500 signatures from professionals, designers, freelancers, hobbyists and photographers from across the world.

Firstly, I wanted to inform you all, that as of late yesterday and early today there have been news articles written about this petition, including an article by CNNMoney and ComputerWorld. This is a small victory for us! As the media picks up on the fact that there are people out there who aren’t in favor of Adobe’s new changes, this petition will only continue to gain traction.

Secondly, I wanted to let you all know another important detail: As I have been reading around the web, I noticed a considerable amount of misinformation from both sides about the CC subscription model; those confused about the specifics of CC as well as deceitful propaganda coming from everywhere. Adobe has cleared up a few “myths” and misconceptions about CC, but nothing they have said has addressed the underlying issues. I wanted to let you know this so you all can be vigilant and support this petition for the right reasons.

Thirdly, know that this petition is not my petition- it is ours. There are many troubling problems that arise from Adobe’s change from licensed, owned software to a monthly rented subscription service. This petition is a conglomerate of many differing, yet valid reasons, for changing Adobe’s minds. Do not be afraid to leave Adobe your honest feedback and rationale in the comments section of the petition page, and let your voices be heard!

Finally, with all of that said, continue to share this around with everyone you know! Also think about sharing this petition on Twitter. You can link to this petition using this: Also consider signing a petition by Corey Edwards, which asks adobe to reconsider their Creative Cloud subscription plan terms and pricing. You can find his petition on here:

This isn’t over yet.

Thank you everyone for all of your help and support,
Derek Schoffstall

What do you think  Can we make them change their mind? Do you care?

You can sign the petition here.

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