News: Bosto Open Source Mac Driver Released

19ma-homeThanks to the Bosto Community the first Mac driver (19MB) was released yesterday. Bosto, which sells two alternatives to the Wacom Cintiq has just recently come onto the market with their Kingtee 19″ and 14″ interactive pen displays. Previously they were Windows only so this is good news for those wanting to not spend so much on a  Cintiq!

Animation Insider is awaiting two of these units for review and we will surely share pour findings once we’ve checked them out!


You can download the drivers from

Just for background information here is the open source README updated yesterday:

Run the installer, and it will install the bostoTablet driver to you /Applications folder. When you run it, you’re pen should work – and you should see the monitor icon up the top in your status bar (note if you are in an application with lost of menu options, it might not appear – so you might want to alt-tab to finder, of something like that if you can’t see it).

It might be that 19ma will work too.. you can always try.


Works on photoshop CS6, corelpainter, and other graphics apps
It is fast, and also includes a feature to make it faster… there’s a button on the settings panel which will increase the processes priority; making it faster (your admin password is required)
Can edit pressure,
Can edit the cursor offset,
Includes a “test pad” for testing the pen settings,
Automatically checks if it’s already running if you accidentally try to run it several times,
Pressure is not normalized – can lead to heavy line starts/endings,
Position is not normalized – can be quite jaggly when drawing slowly.
Sometimes you can get a bogus line being drawn : I think it’s because I screw up a mouse up event somewhere – I’ll debug it over time.

The last 3 items on that list are my priority items.

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