News: Titmouse Facinator Plugin Demo

Here’s a small demo of an incredible plugin called Facinator developed by Titmouse; creators of Megas XLR, Metalocolypse and Motorcity which allows artists to manipulate 2d Flash heads as though they were 3d models. The video is not new but there aren’t many hits on the video so I think it’s safe to say many have not seen it.

If you anything about Flash animation you know it’s very easy to make it look like a big bag of suck. Conversely, Titmouse does it all kinds of right! Here’s a small peek into why.  What the plugin does is essentially allow you to grab the head and rotate the playhead inside the clip so that it appears that thew character is moving his head. genius! especially once you look inside that clip and see all those hundreds of keyframes.

Incidentally , we interviewed the studio’s owner, Chris Prynoski back in 2011.


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