News: New Mickey Mouse cartoon! “Croissant de Triomphe”

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Check out this FANTASTIC new Mickey Mouse cartoon by Disney. I’ve been hearing about these for a few years now and really excited to see the results!I would argue that these look better than the originals. Apparently they are doing a total of nineteen new Mickey Mouse films!

Here’s an old Mickey commercial from 1955 which while fuzzy comes close.

For those out of the US you can see it here.

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  1. Nice, fast and witty. Holds true enough to the good conventions of these cartoons. There are a few instances fg and bg are conflicted; the backgrounds could be toned down to appreciate the action, like those old toons used to do. Lovely, though.
    Also nice to see that cartoon is not such a dirty word anymore. It had awful connotations for years when many folks would sniff at anything that wasn’t a grand feature; a Disney ‘Classic Masterpiece’ (call them Classterpieces to save time).

  2. I really enjoyed it as well! It was slick to be sure but nicely done at the same time. I especially enjoyed the camera work during Mickey’s driving on the scooter. Very well done! the bgs didn’t bother me so much, it kind of felt to me like I was watching a moving comic book which I loved.

    • They’re right in style with the characters and tone of the short (bgs). I just found a few shots were the punch of the animation was lost over busy areas; could have used stronger bg/fg contrast. Happy that there no blur on any elements, all graphic, uses strobing to a great effect. Like a cartoon, I tell ya!

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