News: Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” Animatic

Here’s a fantastic (and creepy) view of an animatic done in 2006 by Christopher Salmon for a 3d film called The Gift written by Neil Gaiman which he did to convince the author to give him the rights to make a film adaptation of The Price. It was apparently a success and was crowd funded through Kickstarter in 2010! There was some beautiful art done for the animatic as it’s all in painted and in color so to say it’s an ‘animatic’ is a bit of an understatement, because it reads sort of like a visual storybook, pretty much working all by itself without being animated.


Here’s an example of what the film will eventually look like.

Towards the end there’s a really nice 3d bit with a demon that’s impressive. Especially the colors and I really like the contrast between the blues and oranges. Apparently Christopher has had some trouble of late with rigging the character models which he details in this ‘making of’ video so we know the film is well on it’s way to being made. Anyway, I for one will be looking forward to seeing this film finished and my hats off to Christopher for taking on this Herculean effort.

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