News: Anton Bogaty’s “Belly String”

Anton Bogaty has a great way with the medium of film. He is able to get a story out there quickly and effectively with minimal movement and style. He also loves face melting and you can’t really get enough of that! 🙂

Check out this film below to see what I mean!

Here’s another one! He truly makes it seem effortless.

And here’s a really well done one too. I like how his films are so dark yet have a Mary Blair sort of whimsy.

And here’s my favorite he did called Summer Heist. It tells a nice little story and does it well. Again minimal movement.

We did an interview with Anton back in January, and a quick look to his blog shows he’s been busy! Never mind his website! The man is a MACHINE! Finally, check out some of his art. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

I am in awe.

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