Robert Valley just launched his crazy ass kickstarter campaign

He’s looking to raise enough capital to finish his second and final
instalment in his PEAR CIDER and CIGARETTES graphic novel
series. These books chronicle the adventures of his longtime friend
Techno Stypes (not his real name). Techno’s incredibly bad luck
with road accidents was surpassed only by his incredibly good luck
with insurance settlements. Book 1 ends with Techno crippled and
rich in a Chinese Military hospital waiting for a liver transplant.
Check the project out here:
Eventually Robert hopes to develope this story into a 30 minute
animated short film, but for now it’s just baby steps.
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  1. Love it. Feel like I just read a whole different version of On the Road, worldwide edition. I hope you get your money. (I wish I had some to give you, but since I just bought a Canon T2i camera yesterday, I don’t want my wife to cut off my…health insurance, as my liver is not much better than Techno’s).

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