Elyse Whittaker-Paek

Hi My name is Elyse Whittaker-Paek, Ex pat Aussie.

I’m currently a freelance Illustrator and mum of 2 lovely little looney lads.
Some of the crazier jobs I’ve had?  Well I was a Dental assistant at the tender age of 14, my dad would have me help him out after school in Sydney Australia.  He very much wanted me to get into the drill fill and bill biz.
I was very good with x-rays and filing but I often fainted during extractions. That must have been quite unnerving for his poor patients???
Completely put me off dentistry! Much steadier wages I guess, if I had steadier nerves.
I started off in Animation after getting a BFA in Illustration at CSULB.
Some of my first jobs was inbetweening for Play house pictures.  I got to draw Fred and Barney for Fruity pebbles ads and Becks Beer commercials.  Thought it was brilliant to be drawing for a living.
From there I worked at Warner Bros Classics on a few commercials loved drawing the WB characters wow, then was lucky to be hired on “Space Jam”. I even got to meet Chuck Jones, wow, very gracious fellow.
then went on to the Quest for Camelot.
My next gig was at Nick toons for 7 years where I got to work on “Hey Arnold” where I learned how to do Props, Models and BG’s  and Dora the Explorer where I did Story board revision.  Had a great time on those crews, great people.
I threw in the towel to raise my little lads and do quite a bit of freelance through Elance and other web sites, it’s quite fun… and there you have it.
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